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Extreme Black Latex Vacuum Bed

Extreme Black Latex Vacuum Bed

The Extreme Black Latex Vacuum Bed is capable of totally immobilizing its occupant between two sheets of 0.4mm latex rubber! When you hook your vacuum up to the beds reinforced vacuum attachment port, the latex bag will immediately be sucked tight around the wearer, instantly shrink wrapping them into submission. Since the PVC frame has holes all around the perimeter of the bed the vacuum seal will be tight and uniform.

The Vac-Bed comes with:
  • One 1 1/2 inch PVC frame (holes are placed along the inside to evenly distribute the pull of the vacuum.)
  • A 0.4mm thick rectangular latex bag, with a zipper that runs along one side, which fits snuggly over the PVC frame.
  • A reinforced hole for the vacuum cleaner attachment.
  • A reinforced hole is also available for breathing.

Using the Extreme Black Latex Vacuum Bed is simple. The dom places their bondage partner inside the vacuum bed, ensuring that they can breathe safely through the vacuum beds breathing hole. The dom then closes the zipper that runs the length of the side of the vacuum bed and makes sure that their bondage partner is comfortable before attaching the vacuum cleaner to the connector at the bottom. The 1.5 inch PVC connector will fit most household vacuums.

Measurements: Approx. 78 inches tall and 39 inches wide.

WARNING: Caution should be taken when using the vacuum bed. Never leave anyone unattended in a vacuum bed and never use this device for self-bondage.



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