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Customized Half Straight Jacket


half straight jacket

Fully customized straight jacket system. Available in sizes from XS to 5XL! Very versatile set! You choose canvas color, suede leather trim color, and the words that go on the collar and arm restraint, or choose no words on them. This is a beautiful jacket! Made with canvas and suede leather. The straps are leather and are riveted to the jacket for style, quality, and durability. Has 3 leather straps on the back plus the leather strap on the end of the sleeves and the leather straps that hold the collar/arm restraint. All of the strap holes have grommets in them. The top collar and the arm restraint both can be used independently of the jacket and both can be worn as collars. Or you can use the collar, arm restraint and attached leather to create a restraint for use without the straight jacket. When purchasing I will need -Word for the collar- Any word/s up to 10 letters -Word for arm restraint- Any word/s up to 10 letters.

Collar and arm restraint is made with a leather strap/buckle and a soft suede backing. All of the strap holes have grommets in them.

Optional- a long leather strap with grommets that goes around the waist to keep the arms from going up over the head. (not shown) To add this option just email me and I'll list one for you (+$20)

We make these to order. Please allow a few days to make and ship. Available up to size 5XL. Please let me know if you don't see what you are looking for.

half straight jacket back
Canvas color
Suede color
Word/name for top collar
Word/name for bottom collar