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Ostrich Feather Paddle


A Beautiful original paddle made by Monkey Dungeon. This paddle is made with two layers of thick clear acrylic with a wood center layer handle, frame and has a real ostrich feather contained inside. Includes an extra feather to tickle with. Will you get the paddle or the feather? Depends on how bad you've been. Get any text engraved on the handle or blade at no extra cost. Let me know where and what you want the text in the personalized section.

Paddle measures 14.5" X 3". It has a nice size hole in the end so you can spin it around a finger or hang it up.
Engraving text and placement






These are really cool gift boxes that fit our paddles. Get any text you want engraved on the top.
Box is made with 1/4" Birch plywood and features a heavy duty swing clasp. Just put the word(s) that you want engraved in the customization or payment note section. If you don't see these just message me at the time of purchase.

Acrylic Top Gift box:
Gift box has a thick acrylic top that is held in place with magnets. Can be engraved with the wording of your choice. If you get the acrylic top box you can get one or both sides of the paddle cut. If you do not specify 2 sides then just one side will have a word. Colors available for the acrylic top gift box are:
Deep Red
Deep Blue
Fluorescent hot pink

Other Colors:
Frosted black
Translucent Pink