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Self Bondage Straight Jacket

Made using heavy duty upholstery thread and 10 oz. canvas. Reinforced throughout with 2" wide webbing. Large3 2" D rings on the sides and one in front to attach or pull on. Has a raised collar with a tension buckle matching the other 4 straps going down the back. This jacket can also be worn reversed if you find it too difficult to buckle the straps in the back.

This jacket is designed to be put on by yourself. Notice there is no sleeves on this jacket. The arms go inside of the jacket. You loosely buckle the top few straps then slip it over your head. You can then tighten up the top buckles and reach around to buckle the remaining back straps. This is for the determined. Not necessarily easy the first time. After this you pull the crotch straps and the inner bottom strap all together and lock them together.

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