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Fetish Fantasy Extreme Snapper Head Hood

Fetish Fantasy Extreme Snapper Head Hood

Take your sensory deprivation fantasies to the extreme with the Inflatable Snapper Head hood. This full-coverage latex hood features a complex combination of snaps and D-rings for unlimited bondage possibilities. Both eyes have removable snap-on blinders that can be worn open or closed, while the mouth features a snap-on inflatable gag that expands in your subjects mouth. Just attach a pump to the standard valve stem and give it a few pumps - the small, penis-shaped gag quickly inflates to prevent your subject from saying a word. Cap the valve off to maintain the size, then unscrew it to relieve the pressure. With the eyes shut and the gag in place, your subject will not be able to see, speak, or escape. The latex hood features nine D-rings around the top of the head and a larger D-ring on the collar to attach a leash. The D-rings can be used to attach your favorite cuffs or restraints and create elaborate bondage scenarios. The soft latex feels great against your skin and features a reinforced zipper with zipper guard in the back. One size fits most.

Material: Latex

Color: Black

Note: One size fits most