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10 piece restraint set with suede leather

suede leather wrist and ankle restraint cuff setleather restraint cuffs wrist
suede leather wrist and ankle cuffs

 10 Piece Suede leather set

Suede color
Strap color

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Upgrade this set of cuffs to a locking set by adding the option here. Note that the locking buckle holes do not have grommets in them due to the elongated shape the holes need to be. Does not include the actual locks. (Actual cuff set above will need to be added to the cart as well)

Locking buckle upgrade $19.99

This is a great set! Wrist, ankle, and collar pieces have black latigo leather (high quality heavy leather) with soft suede leather on the inside. You choose the color of the suede. The latigo leather straps remain black.

Here is what you get:
Two wrist restraints-adjustable up to 11"
Two ankle restraints-adjustable up to 13"
One collar with metal bondage ring-adjustable up to 19"
One quality latigo leather hogtie
One -6ft. leash made of 1" wide polypro and heavy duty snap hook
Two- Fully adjustable under the bed restraint straps made with polypro webbing with a snap hook on each end (like the snap hooks shown)
One quality soft leather blindfold-Black
For costume, dress up, or other uses, not meant for suspension.
All of the strap holes have metal grommets for durability and a high quality look. Please allow a few days to make and ship. These are all made to order.

leather hogtie leather restraint collar leather sleep mask
suede wrist and ankle restraints cuffs leather choker suede leather wrist and ankle cuffs restraint
genuine leather wrist cuffs   wrist restraints leather
  Suede bondage belt

Add this belt to your set for only $29.99

Has 3 sets of bondage rings, matching metal buckle, and grommets in all of the buckle holes. One inch wide black latigo leather strap with a soft suede leather back. You choose the color suede.

Suede Color


leather wrist restraints

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