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Buckle Style
Collar color
Style of lettering
Word/s up to 10 letters

1" custom leather collar with locking option




Latigo and Suede Leather Choker

1" wide version


Suede leather color
Buckle style
Letter style
Word on collar
locking lockable lock collar choker


2" wide version


Choose from many different colors of strap and suede. Standard size collar fits up to 10 letters. Lockable buckles does not come with lock. Metal grommets in the strap of the standard buckle option.


Buckle Type
Strap color
Suede color
Letter Style
Enter word here
Slave leather collar Bitch leather choker collar kinky leather collar
gay choker collar slut collar BRat collar
whore leather collar slave collar leather.jpg kinky collar leather
sub leather collar sissy pink leather collar sexy leather collar choker
queen leather collar   bitch collar leather.jpg