The Mummy
The Mummy Full body straight jacket





The mumy straight jacket

Full body straight jacket. This is a one piece outfit (unless you also want the hood and/or foot boot) made of 10 oz. canvas. Can be made in all white, all black, or it can be made with different colored canvas. Has double stitched seams for durability. Custom made to your size specifications. We will e-mail you for these after purchasing. The top part of this jacket has four - two inch adjustable buckles going down the chest (similar to our classic jacket). There is a collar, also with a 2 inch adjustable buckle. This outfit has about 20 loops (depending on the overall length) running down each side. It comes with unattached straps with buckles that you can put through these loops and wrap completely around the body (6 as shown). You choose exactly where you want these straps so you get the fit and feel that you want. There are two bigger loops under the arms that you can run the sleeve straps through. There is also a loop in the mid back. In the front there is a velcro closure running from the top all the way down to the crotch area. You can access the crotch area through this velcro if wanted. The bottom of this outfit fits like pants (The legs are separate)So if you want to walk around in this just don't attach any of the extra straps around the legs.Removable breast and booty flaps are an available option. This outfit can also be extended past the feet.

Canvas color
Strap color


Number of extra straps (comes with 6)


(The extention to cover the feet is different from the boot.)