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"The Institution"


The institution real straight jacket















































  • 14 oz heavy duty natural canvas sewn with upholstery thread for optimum strength. Our standard jackets are made with 10 Oz. canvas.
  • 2" heavy cotton web belting for all belts
  • High attached neck collar (3" high) with 2" web strap and buckle. Collar has a layer of soft foam sewn into it.
  • Vertical straps under each arm for threading the sleeves and belts thru to keep from lifting them over your head.
  • 3 vertical chest buckle straps
  • Optional third crotch strap shown (comes standard with 2 crotch straps)
  • Bicep straps with buckles
  • Comes standard with 2 additional straps that are unattached to the jacket. These can be threaded through the loops located on the upper arms.These two additional straps are not shown in the photo.
  • This jacket is only available in natural color as shown unless you would like us to use 10 oz. canvas. Please email me for this option.
    Numner of Crotch straps



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