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Escape room Straight Jacket



This heavy duty straight jacket is made specifically for escape rooms. Made using a thick 12oz. canvas. Upgrade this to a 14oz. canvas for an additional charge. Reinforced with wide bomber brown leather strips.

The thick leather straps are made to withstand the rigors of the public. Straps are 1.5" wide. Four lockable straps on the back and one lockable strap for the crotch. One 1.5" front chest strap as sewn in place. Arm strap is a regular roller buckle(non locking). The 5 lockable posts are riveted in place using strong industrial strength rivets. This jacket is completely customizable with any of the options available on our other jackets as well.

This jacket was specifically designed with the needs of escape room owners in mind.

Locks are not included with purchase.

Canvas color
Straps color
Leather trim color



Have this item made and shipped out usually within 24 hrs. (or next business day)

By Priority Mail 2-3 day delivery within the U.S.

Expedited Service