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leather mask hood


leather bondage hoodscanvas bondage hood

Basic hood with small D-rings

Leather hood, Open eyes, nose and mouth. Small D-rings in the back for adjusting the fit. Available in both leather or natural canvas. Both are lined.

Canvas or leather







leather bondage hood

canvas bondage hoods

Basic Hood with Eyelets

Leather or canvas hood with eyelets in the back for adjusting size. Eye opening and mouth opening.No nose opening. Both leather and canvas are lined.

leather or canvas



leather bondage hood

canvas bondage hood with collar

Hood with attached collar
Eyelets in the back for size adjustments. Collar is adjustable. Eyelets for the nose. Eye and mouth openings.
Leather or Canvas
Guardian bondage hood

The Guardian Hood

The hood is one size fits all. It has a removable velcro eye cover and mouth cover. The bottom is long enough to tuck into a straight jacket.

Leather or canvas
 lycra hood bdsm bondage

Lycra hood with no openings.




spandex hood mouth opening  bondage

Lycra hood with mouth opening


bondage hood

Lycra hood with mouth and eye opening