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Padded Leather Straight Jacket

This is one nice jacket. Arms are padded from just above the elbows all the way down. Inside as well as outside of padding is all leather.It is made in all leather. Has a 5 full 2 inch wide straps/buckles going dowwn the back including a neck buckle. Two crotch straps and a strap for the arms. It also has a strap/buckle in front to keep the arms from going up over your head. Has grommets in all of the strap holes . Double tongue roller buckles. Heavy duty D-rings around neck and two at the bottom. The neck is also padded. There is reinforcement straps inside of this jacket to insure quality and durability. Straps and buckles are riveted. Please email me if you would like anything customized on this jacket . We can make this in many different colors. Straps can be black or brown.


Leather Color




White leather version. Same as above except made with white leather. Collar shown on this one is a little different but we can make it either way.

Strap color

white leather straitjacket white leather straight jacket