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This listing is for the NATURAL COLOR STRAIGHT JACKET! If you want the white straight jacket just add a payment note.  This listing good for any size up to XL. Just put the size you want in the payment note. These are available up to a size 6XL but the larger ones cost a little more.  It has  3 sets of D-rings down the back,  a crotch strap AND and a strap for the arms.It also has a strap in front to prevent the arms from being pulled over the head.This item is NEW. It is made of duck cloth canvas.The entire piece is sewn together using upholstery thread. Stitching is reinforced for strength. Heavy duty Dee rings are made of nickel plated steel.   THIS JACKET IS FOR COSTUME USE.If you are looking for a great costume this is it.We design and make many different styles of straight jackets.

The mask will be a randomly selected mask in the style shown. You will NOT get the exact mask shown. Here is the description of the mask:

This is a one of a kind piece, no two are exactly alike.This is thick and sturdy. I put an acrylic pour paint job on it then coat it in a protective and highly shiny resin. The resin layer will not be perfectly smooth adding to the texture of the piece. I don't clean up the back unless there is something protruding or otherwise interfering with wearing it.The leather strap is a nice 5-7 oz. leather with the a nice heavy duty roller


Upgraded jacket and mask combo info-

The upgraded jacket will come with reinforcement webbing around the jacket as well as 3 leather straps on the back, leather front chest strap and leather arm strap and crotch strap.

Halloween Costume straight jacket and mask combo


Mask with or without filter

Upgrade to a reinforced jacket with 3 tan leather straps on the back/ leather frnt strap and leather arm and crotch strap.

Mask with or without filter





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