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L.E.D. light up collar with name

Lettering style
Name or word for collar

Custom made LED light up collar. Red L.E.D. light. Has a leather base for the letters. Put any word on this up to ten letters. Just add a payment note or send a message at the time of purchase. Do the same if you want to change the letters used.
You can choose the lettering style.

  • Remember that choosing larger letters or more letters will cover more of the L.E.D. lights. Please see photo references for approximate coverage.
  • Send me any word in the payment note up to ten letters.

Collar is 1" wide and is adjustable from 17.5"-20.5"
Has a plastic side release buckle. 1" D ring hangs down in the middle of the collar.
Red LED light glows steady or flashes. Just press the button multiple times to switch.
Battery control box uses 2 replaceable cr2032 batteries. These are commonly found in drug stores.