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Long Straight Jacket

leather bdsm jacketbdsm straight jacket
This jacket is specifically made for the BDSM crowd. It splits apart in the front and back at the waist to allow for easy access to the crotch area. Instead of a standard crotch strap it has a strap around each thigh. The arms are restricted by two leather straps and buckles and the ends of the sleeves are sewn to the bottom of the jacket. Available optionally the sleeves can be made in the traditional sense with a strap and buckle at the end and a front strap will be added to keep the arms from going up over the head. Many other options are also available on this jacket. See below.

This jacket is made with 10 oz. canvas. The straps are a 1 " wide leather. The darker material shown is also leather( available in a variety of colors). It has heavy duty tan leather straps, and heavy duty nickel plated buckles . Reinforced stitching with heavy duty upholstery thread. The two leather straps in front are for even more restriction, or tighter fit. The sleeves are sewn to the bottom of the jacket on each side and there are two leather strap and buckles on each arm to restrict movement. Leather strap to keep the arms from going over the head available at no extra charge.(see options) Multiple options can be added but they will have to be added to the cart one at a time.


Leather Straps version

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Cotton Webbing Version

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(Split in front bottom area will be longer than the one shown)

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