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Pure Steel 2 Inch Ball Gag

Pure Steel 2 Inch Ball Gag

For only the naughtiest of subs, this massive heavy steel ball gag is in the upper echelon of extreme punishment. A threaded wing nut, protected by a vinyl sheath, will force the 2 inch steel ball deeper and deeper into their mouth as you turn it, cramping their jaw and forcing it ever wider as the drag of the heavy metal forces their neck taut. The ball is solid steel, powder coated so it has a hard layer of baked on plastic . The chain running across the back of their head keeps the gag in place, and offers adjustment with another threaded wing nut. Closes with a snap hook for easy release. The entire piece is constructed of the most durable materials, for an intensely heavy feel and a quality that is unsurpassed.

Measurements: Mouth plate: 8 inches in length, 1.5 inches wide, 3/16 of an inch thick; Gag: ball 2 inches in diameter, threaded support screw 2.5 inches in length; Chain: 12 inches in length including snap hook, adjustable screw 1.75 inches in length

Material: Powder coated steel

Color: Black and silver

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