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 leather strap straight jacketleather strait jacket

Tan leather strap straight jacket


leather strap straight jacket


The entire piece is sewn together using upholstery thread. Stitching is reinforced for strength. Nickel plated buckles make this straight jacket completely adjustable. This jacket is built to last.
All Monkey Dungeon straight jackets are made in the U.S.A.
6 leather straps going down the back
Leather straps and heavy duty buckles
Reinforced with upholstery thread and strong polypro webbing
Front leather strap

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You can change the color of the straps on this jacket here. All of these leathers make good straps but they are different types of leather. The black is latigo leather and is about the same thickness as the original tan straps. If you want a thick leather go with either the tan or black. The brown is not as thick as the black and is a softer leather. The white is the thinnest of the three but is a little stiffer than the brown.