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The Guardian

The ultimate restraint set! This is a four piece set. You can purchase one or all of the pieces.You have to add them to your cart separately.

The Hood

The hood is one size fits all. It has a removable velcro eye cover and mouth cover. The bottom is long enough to tuck into a straight jacket.

The jacket-

The straight jacket is made with 10 oz. canvas. It has 2 " wide buckles on cotton canvas webbing. Has 2 large D-rings in the front for pulling, leashing, etc. Has a front strap to keep the arms from going over the head. It comes with two crotch straps which can be used without the leg restraints or they can be attched to the leg restraints. This jacket has a total of 6 buckles around the bottom that can be attached to the leg restraints. (If you just order the jacket it will come with 2 straps , if you order just the pants you will receive 4 straps)The entire piece is sewn together using heavy duty upholstery thread. Stitching is reinforced for strength. This jacket can be made in many different colors. Strapping will remain the natural color shown.

The leg restraints-

8 strap option shown (One strap is not shown, it's under the jacket). Also available in 6 or 5 strap versions.The leg restraints are made with 10 oz. canvas. Has 2" wide buckles and cotton straps. Has 6 buckles to attach to the jacket. This is a really heavy piece. It has 2" cotton webbing sewn all the way around. Then it has a strap going around that is not attached to the restraint. When choosing the size- Measurement shown is the largest measurement around. For most people this would be the hips.

Feet restraints

The feet restraints are made with two layers of canvas. Has two inch wide cotton straps and buckles. The side vertical straps attach to the leg restraints. They can be made without them if you want.

Straight Jacket

Canvas color
Strap color

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straitjacket size chart


Thicker canvas:

Double thick canvas

Add a strap around the biceps like on our "Classic" model


Feet restraint Boot

(single boot for both feet)


Color choice

Here is a video of the straitjacket escape artist SOF STRAIT using the guardian top. This jacket was made with 10oz. canvas but we also offer it in 14oz.


The Hood


Other hoods can be found here:

leather hood bondage

Hood options (only availablefor the Guardian style hood)




Leg restraints-8 strap version (shown)

Leg restraints 8 strap version (shown)
Canvas Color