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Acrylic and Wood Cut Out Spanking Paddle(any Word)

Engraved leather paddle

Reverse Cut out Leather/wood Paddle




Reverse cut out custom word


Get a personally engraved gift box with your paddle!


Acrylic reverse cut paddle


Hand Stitched leather /wood paddle


Heavy Duty Light Up L.E.D. Paddle Engraved

Engraved Riveted Leather Spanking Paddle

 Weed Leaf Acrylic Spanking Paddle

Engraved Acrylic Paddle

Reverse cut riveted paddle riveted paddle

Acrylic and leather Flogger Reverse Cut acrylic and wood paddle


Ostrich feather Paddle

Custom Spanking paddle Keychain/luggage tag- Your words! Ping Pong style Leather and acrylic custom spanking paddle

LED reverse cut paddle