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Fashionistas Glass Handle Whip
glass handle whip

Exercise your dominion in luxurious style. The rounded glass handle on this genuine leather flogger is elegantly patterned for a stunning presentation. Each and every tail of this elegant leather whip is a messenger of pleasure and pain as they leave an erotic sting in their tender wake, but the playtime possibilities do not end there. Use the smooth handle as an insertable dildo or anal toy. The slick, nonporous material can be heated or cooled for tempting temperature play. It is all part of the Fashionista approach to life and love...where pain meets pleasure, and orgasmic bliss is just a sting away

Measurements: Whip: 21.75 inches in total length; Glass Handle: 6 inches in length and 0.85 inches in diameter; Leather Tails: 15 inches long

Material: Glass and leather

Color: Black