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Straight Jackets

We design and manufacture all of our straight jackets right here in the U.S. A. If you need a custom made jacket, just let us know.

Size Chart and shipping info click here!

All of our straight jackets can be made in various colors!

International orders no longer need to add the shipping from the options menu. It will automatically be calculated at checkout. Except for the sleepsacks all of our straight jackets are made here in the Monkey Dungeon so they can be customized, changed, and altered. Just let us know what you need. Prices on this page are the starting prices.

All single thickness jackets can now be ordered in Super heavy duty 16oz. natural color canvas. (+$49)Just click here to upgrade any jacket:


The Institution

starting @


Classic Asylum Style

Straight Jacket

See this jacket in Slipknot's video The Devil and I a, on GMM and the TV show Gotham!


The Guardian

Also available as top piece only

Starting at $354

Scarecrow costume straight jacket



canvas and leather

(Performer favorite!)


  The institution straight jacket
scarecrow batman

canvas and leather houdini style straight jacket


3-D ring



Sexy Distressed Halloween Straight Jacket






Bound to be Loved

straight jacket

$549s M straight jacket

Canvas & Leather





Lace Up Straight Jacket





Leather straps

tan leather


leather strap straight jacket

All leather


leather straight jacket

Leather Straps

Latigo leather

w/ grommets


leather strap straight jacket




antique straight jacket

The Mummy


The mummy straight jacket


Double thick

Multiple leather strap

straight jacket


Joker's Style

Straight Jacket


joker straight jacket batman


For jackets with Suede leather straps,

check out our sister site www.realstraightjackets.comsuspension straight jacketsuede leather straight jacket




Houdini Straight Jacket

All Leather



BDSM Straight Jacket

2 versions

$325bDSM straight jacket



The Inhibitor

Straight Jacket Cover






6 D-ring




Costume Straight Jacket

Starting @ $99.99


Multiple Rings



Snap Hooks



Mini Straight Jacket


miniature straight jacket straitjacket



See Through

Mesh Straight Jacket


mesh see through straight jacket

Padded Sleeves Leather Straight Jacket

$849 +

leather straight jacket


Escape Room Straight Jacket


The "Challenger"


Customized Half Straight Jacket

$325custom half straght jacket

All Suede leather straight Jacket


All suede leather straight jacket


Now taking orders for

The Mailbag



Alice Cooper Stage Replica



Self Bondage Straight Jacket