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Classic Asylum Style Straitjacket


Has 4 sets of buckles on 2 inch wide cotton webbing down the back, a crotch strap AND and a strap for the arms. It also has a strap in front to prevent the arms from being pulled over the head. It has attached straps on the arms for even more restriction. It is made of 10 oz. duck cloth canvas. The entire piece is sewn together using heavy duty upholstery thread. Stitching is reinforced for strength. This jacket can be made in many different colors combinations.

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This jacket can be seen on Good Mythical Morning!

*Note that the straps have been modified on both jackets. Arm loops on Rhetts are detached and the front strap has been removed from both jackets. 



This jacket was used in the Slipknot video The Devil and I :

(Warning graphic content)

From Fox's TV show Gotham


























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